Chico, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Are you curious about the Population & Steets in Chicco City? If so, you've come to the right place. This article will explain all the important facts about Chico's population and the demographics of the area. Moreover, you'll get to know the city's historical and contemporary landmarks. The following sections will show you some of the most notable places in and around Chico.

The population of Chico City was 83,009 in the year 2010. This figure includes 2,591 people living in non-institutionalized group quarters and 587 individuals in institutions. The median age of residents was 28.6 years, and the males outnumbered females by 99.2 to one. For those who are still curious, here is a city's population in 18 years.

The first people who settled in Chico were the Maidu Indians, who were present during the early Californian Gold Rush. Chico is home to a variety of indigenous groups, including the Maidu Indians. Maidu people were hunters and gatherers. They lived in the area around the Feather River. Chico City was incorporated in 1872 and had about eighty thousand residents. If you're looking for a map of Chico, CA, you'll find one here.

The Chico population is primarily white. The population is relatively young and in their late twenties to early 40s, and there's a small proportion of families living in the area. A few vacancies exist, but overall there's a relatively low number of households. The area also has one or two nursing homes and two universities within its borders. Chico is located in the Sacramento Valley region of California.