Colton, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The following information contains demographic statistics about the city of Colton, California. The per capita income is $21,648 and is in the lower middle class compared to other areas in California and the country. It is equivalent to $86,592 for a family of four. The city contains an equal mixture of rich and poor residents. The median home sales price in Colton peaked in 2007 and decreased by 50 percent by 2009. Since then, it has increased 100 percent, and it now ranks third in the SCAG region.

The population of Colton is largely comprised of residents who are adults. As such, the area has a very low rate of teenager births. The highest teenager birth rate in the county is in Loma Linda, at 18%. The median age of Colton residents is 43.1. In addition, the city has a low percent of non-citizens under the age of 18.

The latest Colton Profile Report is available in the SCAG's website. This report contains the demographics, employment, and public health statistics for Colton. The report includes an overview of Colton's population, including an income and a number of other factors. This information is vital to city planning and outreach efforts. The profile of the city and its neighborhood includes information on its neighbors' occupations.

The population of Colton City Center is diverse, with the majority of residents identifying themselves as Mexican or Arab. Another significant minority is Arab, with nearly 4% of the city's residents speaking Arabic. The community also boasts a low number of residents who speak other languages at home, including Arabic, French, and Arabic. The city's overall growth rate in this area was slightly lower than the county's, which was 21.9%.