Danville, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Danville is a city in Virginia, United States. This historic city has a population of about 43055. It is located on the southern border of the state and is about 70 miles south of Lynchburg. The city is easily accessible via U.S. Route 29, which connects Danville to Greensboro and South Hill. The climate in Danville is characterized by warm and humid subtropical weather with hot summers and mild winters.

The population of Danville City is highly disadvantaged, with nearly forty percent of the children living in poverty. Nearly 70 percent of these children reside in the poorest neighborhoods. There is a direct link between socioeconomic status and health. People struggling with poverty are at an increased risk of serious illnesses. Lack of education, social support, and health care are just some of the factors that can lead to poor health.

In the early 1960s, civil rights activism took place in Danville. The state constitution had excluded most blacks from voting and enacted various barriers to voter registration. White Democratic leaders had also imposed legal segregation after Reconstruction. Jim Crow laws consolidated white supremacy and prevented blacks from participating in the city's political and social life. The Danville Christian Progressive Association organized protests, boycotted white merchants that refused to hire blacks, and marched to City Hall.

The median property value in Danville is $90,500, which is 0.376 times smaller than the national average. The homeownership rate in Danville City is 51.6%, which is below the national average. The median commute time in Danville, VA is 17.7 minutes. There are two cars per household. In Danville, Virginia, the median property value is $90,500. There are two schools in the city.