Delhi, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

As the capital of India, Delhi is infamous for its air pollution, which is a persistent issue for the region. The main sources of pollution are vehicular emissions, which are responsible for causing high levels of haze and smoke. Moreover, the city is also home to numerous old trucks and lorries, which are responsible for a large volume of haze. In addition, the burning of fossil fuels and organic matter, such as food waste, contributes to the formation of black carbon.

According to the latest census, Delhi city is home to about 17.1 million people. This figure includes the population of New Delhi, where over eight million people are found to live. Interestingly, the Muslim population is the second largest community in Delhi, with the majority of Muslims residing in the Old Delhi neighborhoods. Finally, the city's population is also home to Sikhs, a religion which is practiced by some but not all people.

The city's geography is not without its attractions. Aside from the Agrawalli Range, Delhi is also surrounded by the Yamuna River. The mountain range forms two sides of a triangle, with the second side being a largely flat plain. The third side of the triangle is covered with a broad alluvial plain. This makes for an extremely unique urban area.