Diamond Bar, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

What are the Steets & Population of Diamond Bar City? In fact, the population of Diamond Bar is 55,544. So, how diverse is Diamond Bar? Here's an analysis of the city's population by means of its various modes of transportation. In fact, this California city boasts a very diverse population, with relatively high levels of income and affluence. With such a diverse population, Diamond Bar has the opportunity to develop into a model city for a more diversified and prosperous community.

The City of Diamond Bar is located in Los Angeles County, CA. This California city is about 14.9 square miles in size. The population is primarily Asian, with 18.4% of residents being white. The rest of its population is comprised of Hispanic and Latino residents, and indigenous Americans. There are 14 branches of banks in Diamond Bar, with JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association being the largest.

Among the key factors in determining the future of a community is its demographics. Using a data-based approach, the City can create a comprehensive plan for future growth. The city has adopted a new General Plan in December 2019, which establishes a pedestrian-oriented "Town Center" vision and includes a mix of housing, retail and entertainment. The new vision also takes into consideration existing property owners, existing boundaries, lease terms, topography, and ideal pedestrian walking distances.

In 2000, the Diamond Bar City General Plan included four focus areas for major land use changes: housing, employment, and recreation. This plan aims to balance the community's diversity while preserving its historic character and its Hill vistas. The overall demographics of the community indicate that its growth will be limited to a single neighborhood, with more population density. With such diversity, however, the city is well-positioned for further development.