El Cerrito, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

El Cerrito is a vibrant city in the Bay Area. This eco-conscious city has diverse neighborhoods, businesses, and public spaces. It also offers diverse cultural, recreational, and educational opportunities. The city has a low crime rate and has several family-friendly attractions.

The population density in El Cerrito is lower than the state average and the national average. The nearest city with a higher density is Albany, which is 63.0% larger. Albany's population density is 11,266, and Rollingwood CDP's population density is 21290.

The El Cerrito city council is composed of five members elected at large to serve four-year terms. The Mayor is elected by the City Council, who appoints a City Manager, who oversees all municipal affairs. The City Manager is the chief administrator of city government and the mayor's office. He also appoints a City Attorney.

The population of El Cerrito, CA is divided into four age groups. The median age is 41.8. El Cerrito California's population is made up of both natives and immigrants. The city is ranked first for having the highest proportion of people between 20 and 29 years old. It also has the largest proportion of people aged 60-69.

Population and Steets in El Cerrito, California: El Cerrito City is home to a smaller population than neighboring cities. Its population is 18.9% smaller than that of Berkeley. It is home to a large number of singles and has a lower percentage of married couples than the US average.