Gardena, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

To help you learn more about the Gardena City population, it's helpful to know what transportation options residents have in the area. While many residents drive or take the trolley, others opt to ride the bus or walk. Here's a look at the most popular modes of transportation in Gardena City. The graphs below show how many people own cars, and how many ride public transportation. You can also explore how many people live in a certain neighborhood.

The median property value in Gardena, CA is $474,700, nearly twice the national average. It increased 7.42% from the previous year to the current year, reflecting a trend of increasing property values in recent years. Gardena's homeownership rate stands at 47.9%, a slightly lower rate than the national average of 64.1%. The average commute time for Gardena residents is 27 minutes. Those who commute by car are more likely to own two vehicles, a trend that is consistent with the national average.

Among the most popular public transportation options in Gardena, GTrans is a local bus system that runs between the city center and the airport. GTrans was previously the Gardena Municipal Bus Lines. It's also convenient to take the bus to a restaurant or grocery store. Other public transportation options in Gardena include the Gardena Mayme Dear Library and the Masao W. Satow Library. Besides these, Gardena is home to Romana Acosta Banuelos, the first Hispanic US Treasurer. Among its many businesses, Ramona's Mexican Food Products is the oldest.