Gilroy, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

What is the Population & Steets in Gillory City? A few facts about Gilroy can help you make a better decision. According to AreaVibes, Gilroy has a livability score, which measures the quality of life of residents. Using key metrics, you can find out whether Gilroy is a good place to live and work. Here are some facts about Gilroy, CA:

The population of Gilroy is approximately 60,000 people. It is a family-friendly city that has managed to grow from agricultural roots to a population of almost 60,000. Its history of earthquakes is significantly above the state and U.S. averages. While the area's terrain is not conducive to tornadoes, it does support a variety of natural ecosystems. Its highest elevation supports live oaks and chaparral.

In terms of age, Gilroy has a large number of residents between the ages of twenty and thirty-four. There are less people between sixty-nine and fifty-six. In fact, only 7.5% of the Gilroy, CA population is sixty-nine years of age or older. Overall, the population of Gilroy is quite diverse. There is a small amount of people of Native American, Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander heritage. There are also significant numbers of African-American and Hispanic people. The Black population is 10.8% of the total.

The city of Gilroy is located in Santa Clara County. The population of Gilroy was forty-eight thousand at the 2010 census and is expected to reach fifty-seven thousand by 2020. The median home price in Gilroy is approximately $680,500. The economy of Gilroy has historically been based on farming, with a thriving garlic industry. While its current population is small, its future is bright.