Glendale, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

What is the Population & Steets in Glendea City? The population of Glendale is 196,021, making it the third largest city in Los Angeles County. Compared to its neighboring cities, Glendale is smaller than most of its neighbors. The percentage of renter-occupied housing units was 61.9% in 2010, up from 58.7% in 2000. However, the number of renter-occupied housing units has increased slightly from the year before.

Racial diversity in Glendale has decreased by the same amount as the number of White residents. The population of Two or More Races may also have decreased due to changes in how racial groups define themselves in the 2010 Census. Census questions regarding race and ethnicity have changed since the 2000 Census. This has led to some confusion regarding the numbers. For instance, the U.S. Census Bureau has a database for determining racial and ethnic composition.

Historically, the population of Glendale was higher in the 1970s. The area has been a booming center for the entertainment and animation industries. The Walt Disney Company outgrew its studio lot in Burbank in the early 1960s. In response, the company moved its headquarters to Glendale. The Grand Central Business Centre was constructed in the 1980s and is home to Imagineering, Consumer Products, and Disney Interactive. It also boasts three top-notch hospitals.

While the number of Armenians in Glendale has decreased in the last few decades, they still represent a significant part of the city's population. In the 1920s, the city's population was 13,756. Despite this, the city had the largest number of ethnic Armenians outside of Yerevan, Armenia. Glendale's first commercial west-to-east flight left from Grand Central Airport in the mid-1920s.