Happy Camp, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Population & Steets in HappyCamp City: Census data show that the majority of people live in White, with only a small percentage from Black or Native American. Those who are not white are also found in disproportionate numbers, with a number of people who identify as two or more racial or ethnic groups. As a whole, Happy Camp has a higher rate of US citizenship than the national average, and many residents of the city are military personnel who served in the Vietnam War.

The rate of violent crime in Happy Camp is 9.30 per 1,000 people. According to this rate, the northwest section of Happy Camp is the safest, with violent crime occurring only in one out of every three68 people. But the numbers don't necessarily speak for themselves. Happy Camp is ranked in the fourth percentile for safety, which means that it is slightly more dangerous than other areas of the United States.

The city's climate is mediterranean. With its location and protected from the influence of the Pacific, the winters are cooler in Happy Camp than in the rest of California, but they're still milder than on the east coast. In addition, the forests around the city are more susceptible to wildfires. In 2014, a series of fires burned nearly to the Oregon border. However, the area's high winter rainfall ensures that the area remains green.