Hawaiian Gardens, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The following statistics show the Population & Steets in Hawaiian Garden City, California. These statistics are from the United States Census Bureau. They are based on money income thresholds. The thresholds vary by family size and composition. A family with a total income below these thresholds is considered impoverished. The most common racial groups in Hawaiian Gardens are Hispanic, Other, and White.

Approximately 69.9% of Hawaiian Gardens, CA residents are US citizens, according to the most recent census data. This is significantly lower than the national average of 93.4%. However, there are significant differences. Hawaiian Gardens has a relatively high percentage of military-connected residents (1.9 times greater than the national average).

Hawaiian Gardens is a city in Los Angeles County. The population of this city is projected to reach 13,850 by 2020. It is the 338th largest city in California, and the 2444th largest city in the United States. According to the census, its population is declining at a rate of -0.74% a year. The population density is 14.608 per square mile, which is a low number.

According to the most recent US Census Bureau data, there are 3,607 households in Hawaiian Gardens. About half of these households have children under the age of 18. One-third are married couples. One percent of households has a female householder who does not live with her husband. One-fourth of households in Hawaiian Gardens is composed of single people and five percent are over 65 years old. The average household size is 4.21 people.