Heber, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you've been wondering about the Population & Steets in Hebert City, you're not alone. Imperial County has historically had very high unemployment rates, with October 1998's figure of 30%. This is largely due to the seasonal nature of the agricultural economy in the region. The population of the city is expected to remain about the same through 2050, though, if this projection holds true.

Heber's growth has been predicted by SCAG (Southern California Association of Governments) projections, which result in a population of 3,426 in 1998. This is about 47 percent of the census tract. However, the current population is still unknown. The city's sewer fee schedule is shown in Table 5-5. The new rate has been in effect since April 1998, and it has been collected 94% of the time since the last billing.

The census also reports the number of households using different modes of transportation. The number of households using each mode of transportation in Heber, UT increased 4.31% in the last year. The median income for males was $33,816 while females' incomes totaled $21,577. This data indicates the relative importance of different modes of transportation to the community. The percentage of households that own two cars is the highest in Heber, UT. The percentage of households that own only one car is the smallest.

The median property value in Heber, UT was $348,100 in 2019, compared to $240,500 nationally. It was up 7.53% compared to the national average. The highest paying industries in Heber, UT include Mining, Quarrying, Oil & Gas Extraction, and Utilities. These industries, in turn, pay the highest salaries. Approximately 13.2% of workers live in households with two cars, which is higher than the national average of $240,500.