Inverness, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

There are two primary districts in Inverness: Eastgate Center and the High Street. The Eastgate Center is a shopping mall that connects to the city's river, the River Ness. The High Street is more upscale, offering more shopping, dining and entertainment options. The Cathedral is another area of interest with its historic and beautiful buildings. Both of these districts have some unique features.

Inverness City has a population of 7,210. It is the county seat of Citrus County and has a unique geographic location, being situated next to the flying eagle preserve. It is also connected to the Tsala Apopka Lake, with a total area of 7.7 square miles (19.9 square kilometers).

According to the U.S. Census, there are 918 households in Inverness, CO, with 333 being family households and 585 being non-family households. There are eighty-five percent of family households, with 85 families consisting of two people. The average household has 1.71 people in it. The median income is $103,462 per year. The median housing cost is $1,719 per month.

Inverness was the chief Pict stronghold, and St Columba visited Inverness in AD 569. He is believed to have visited the Pictish king Brude, who is said to have resided in a vitrified fort on Craig Phadrig. The city is also home to a large cemetery. It is also a site of an ancient hillfort.