Jackson, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The population of Jackson, Mississippi, has shrunk rapidly over the past century. Its median income has dropped while neighboring suburban communities have risen in wealth. Today, more than a quarter of Jackson's population lives below the poverty line. Interestingly, White flight to the nearby Madison County has also occurred. In 2019, Madison County was the only county in the Jackson metropolitan area with a higher percentage of White people. Many residents of Jackson, Mississippi, lack jobs and social services, which make violence seem a viable option for teens.

The Jackson police department is facing an even greater crisis. The department's staffing is too low - it may have only three or four officers on duty at a given time. The result is that calls pile up and officers spend hours on end. The police department recently opened a new command center, but despite its inadequate public safety standards, it still can't keep up with the demand. This is a troubling trend in a city with a relatively low crime rate.

The city's population is spread out by age. Twenty-one percent of the population is under the age of eighteen; 28.5% is between ages 18-24; 19.5% is 25-64; and 10.9% is 65-plus. The population is spread across several different industries in Jackson, including manufacturing. In addition to the manufacturing and industrial activities in the area, agriculture is supported by the surrounding areas.