Joshua Tree, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The median age for the entire population of Joshua Tree, CA was 40.1 years old in 2019. This number includes both native-born residents and those who were born abroad. While it is important to note that the median age for the Joshua Tree population has been on the rise, it remains below the state's poverty line. In fact, the median age for people living in Joshua Tree was 40 years old in 2018 and 41 years old in 2019. The three largest groups of foreign-born residents in Joshua Tree, CA were Mexico, the Philippines, and China.

A post office opened in Joshua Tree in 1946, and the city's first postmaster, Grace Aldridge, served 300 local postal clients from the town's market. By 1947, the city had 144 buildings, with 46 more under construction. Its population was 550. In 1940, the Baby Homestead Act had passed, allowing non-agricultural people to build on five acres. World War II, however, prevented this far-flung area from gaining much growth. In 1948, the Joshua Tree Women's Club and the Civic Club partnered with the town's citizens to build a community center.

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