Julian, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Are you wondering what is the population & styes of Julian City? You can find out by looking at the charts below. The chart below shows the population and styes of Julian City, California. It is important to note that the population of Julian City, CA is made up of many different racial and ethnic groups. The most common racial group living in Julian, CA is White, although there are also Native American and Black residents.

While the city may seem a bit remote, Julian does have its perks. Residents can take advantage of high desert retreat spaces and water at Lake Cuyamaca. Despite the city's remote location, Julian has four distinct seasons. The city's apple harvest is renowned, and it sometimes receives snow. It does, however, experience true winter around the holidays. This makes living in Julian an excellent choice in the summer.

The median household income in Julian, CA is $66,169. This is significantly higher than the US average of $65,712 for both men and women. The income inequality for Julian, CA is 0.499, which is higher than the national average. Julian, CA is home to 413 people who work in various industries. Most of these people are employed in Accommodation & Food Services (83%) or Retail Trade (69%) and Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services (52%) industries. The highest paying industries in Julian, CA are Manufacturing ($86048), Professional, Scientific & Technical Services ($71154), and Waste Management & Recycling

The Julian area once had the majority of San Diego County's black population. In fact, America Newton, a freed slave, lived here. The 1880 census recorded 33 blacks in the area. In 1976, the Julian city council voted to require buildings on Main Street to be no older than 1913. This is not yet the case, as many buildings in Julian pre-date the 1913 cutoff date. In the 1970s, 25,000 people visited Julian each year.