Kerman, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

What's the Population & Steets in Kermen City? In 1914, the city had approximately 400 residents and was surrounded by 29,000 acres of cropland. It also boasted a creamery that produced 1,600 pounds of butter each day. Streetlights were installed from the Southern Pacific railroad tracks to Whitesbridge Road. In 1941, oil exploration was completed, with the discovery of the state's largest gas well.

The median property value in Kerman, CA was $224,500 in 2019. This is less than half the national average. Homeownership is 54.7% of the population. Kerman, CA's economy employs 6.05k people. The highest-paying occupations in Kerman are Utilities, Finance & Insurance, and Public Administration. It's estimated that around 80% of residents drive alone to work, and only one in four live in a one-car household.

The population of Kerman was estimated to be 14,920 in the year 2020. It has a density of 13.6 people per square mile, which is higher than the state average and national average. The size of San Joaquin is three-fourths the size of Kerman. Therefore, the population of Kerman, California will be higher in the coming years than it is today. Its median household income is $37,281, and the average household income is $50,466. The education level of its residents is high, with 52% graduating from high school. Only 2% of them go to college, and a couple of those did not complete.

Kerman has a strong cultural heritage, with a distinctive accent and music. This heritage is manifested in the city's handicrafts and music. The city's culture is unique and distinct, and is also evident in its customs and language. The population of Kerman is divided by age groups, with the youngest group comprising fewer people than old. A look at the non-citizen population groups will help you choose the most suitable area for a business or residence.