La Quinta, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Population - The statistics show that La Quinta City is home to a low percentage of non-citizens. Of the total population, 27% have at least a high school education. Twenty-seven percent have gone on to pursue college. Moreover, 14% of those in La Quinta hold a bachelor's or master's degree. In comparison, sixty-three percent of the residents are employed in white-collar jobs.

The demographics of La Quinta are important to understand its socioeconomic makeup. The city has a small percentage of foreign-born residents, whereas its neighboring Thermal CDP has a majority of foreign-born residents. However, this small percentage makes La Quinta look very similar to the average U.S. city. As such, this article does not provide detailed information on the foreign-born population.

La Quinta is home to a small population of singles. The average family size is 3.2 people. The divorce rate is 4%. There is also a low rate of divorce in La Quinta. The city is considered a safe and affordable place to live for families. It has an average income of $69,000 per person. There are approximately 31,000 residents per square mile.

Population & Steets in La Quenta City