Laytonville, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Laytonville is a city in California. It is home to a population of 777 residents. The majority of Laytonville residents are citizens. However, there are also 41 non-citizen residents. The median home value in Laytonville is $333,900. The homeownership rate in Laytonville is 68.1%. Most Laytonville residents commute to work alone, with the average commute time of 19.9 minutes. The average home owner owns two cars.

The median income in Laytonville is $34,422, while the median income for a family is $38,080. The per capita income is $19,367. Twenty-nine percent of families and twenty-one percent of the population live below the poverty line. The age range is young at twenty-one, with a quarter of the population being 18 and over.

The city is home to several service stations, including two which offer gas filling and oil changes. Other services offered by these facilities include small car repairs and maintenance. Laytonville also has a medical center, with an address and a phone number. Dental care is also available in the city.

Laytonville is a small community located in the Mendocino County area. It is home to many artists and musicians and boasts several art galleries. In addition to farming and ranching, Laytonville is home to the Earthdance Global Dance Festival for Peace.