Los Gatos, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

In Los Gatos, California, the median age of the population was 47.2 years in 2019. This includes both native and foreign-born residents. The median age of a resident in Los Gatos is also getting older. In 2018, the median age of a resident in Los Gatos was 46 years. The most common place of birth for a non-citizen in Los Gatos was Mexico. In addition, the second most common place of birth for a non-citizen was the Philippines, and China was the third most popular country of origin.

The population of Los Gatos reached nearly one thousand residents by the year 1887. In that same year, a cannery was founded in town. The town soon became a popular tourist destination for travelers and its property values increased. By the 1950s, Los Gatos had nearly 2,000 residents and a varied economic base. The city is now home to several famous people, including renowned high-tech companies.

In 1971, the population of Los Gatos was only nine square miles, but by 1984, the city had grown to nearly twenty thousand people. Today, it covers fourteen square miles. The majority of residents in Los Gatos live alone and commute for approximately twenty-eight minutes to work. The median number of cars per household is two. The city is home to several historic districts, which have been preserved for historical significance.