Lower Lake, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

A map shows the population and steets of Lower Lake City. The western portion of the city is surrounded by steep hills and features a railroad that runs through it. The eastern portion has a more diverse population, with a larger concentration of affluent housing. The city's population and steets have changed dramatically since the railroad arrived and the development of Interstate 15 began.

The median household income in Lower Lake City is $31,463, which is low compared to the rest of the country and other nearby ZIP codes. The median household income is lower than the national average, but money isn't everything, and the residents of ZIP code 84115 are still earning less than the rest of the community. Despite this, it's still an impressive amount of money. The city has a low rate of vacancies. The Census shows that there are one or two nursing homes and a correctional facility in the area.

The proportion of black residents in the city was inversely related to the number of green streets, and the presence of crosswalks was positively associated with the presence of commercial buildings and green spaces. These relationships were also found at the zip code level, and they were even stronger in neighborhoods with higher median household incomes. A third-tier area of Lower Lake City had more green streets than the other two tertiles.