Madera, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Listed below are the Population & Steets in Maderra City, CA. These statistics show that Madera has a higher than average percentage of Latino residents. It is also the most diverse city in California, with Latinos making up more than 80% of its population. Garcia, who supported Villafan in the election, welcomes Mejia to the council. Mejia is the first Black woman and farmworker to serve on the city council.

The city is home to Madera Municipal Airport, a general aviation airport on approximately 524 acres. The Madera Public Works Department maintains the airport. Nearby Fresno's Yosemite International Airport is also accessible to Madera residents. Famous people from Madera include Olympic gold medalist Lee Evans and world heavyweight fighter Lavar Johnson. Madera also has a population of 20,000.

The median property value in Madera, CA was $224,100 in 2019, which is 0.932 times smaller than the national average. Madera has a lower than average homeownership rate, with 47.8% of homes owned by residents. Similarly, Madera residents commute by car, with the average trip lasting 27.2 minutes. The median car ownership rate in Madera, CA is equal to the national average at 2.1 cars per household.

In addition, Madera's population includes its ZIP code, which is assigned by the United States Postal Service. Interestingly, the same ZIP code can be assigned to several cities and towns in Mexico. To avoid confusion, the population of Madera is listed for both the city and the state. That means the Madera city's total population will be about 200,000 in 2020. But the population is much more diverse than that.