Moorpark, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The population of Moorpark, California, is around 12,235 people, and the city has a total retail sales value of $281 million. Most of the retail businesses are located along the Los Angeles Avenue corridor, which includes the historic downtown area of High Street. Moorpark is home to several restaurants and bars owned and operated by celebrity chefs. Fabio Viviani, a top chef fan, and Damiano Carrara, a third-place finisher on Food Network Star, have opened restaurants and eateries in the area. In addition, the City is served by the Moorpark Unified School District. Moorpark High School is part of this district.

The center of town has changed from a quaint, pedestrian-friendly High Street to a busy Los Angeles Avenue, lined with fast-food restaurants and strip malls. In addition, residents of Moorpark now commute an average of 28 minutes to work each day. Nearly a third of residents of Moorpark live in another county. While the new residential housing has largely made this town an attractive place to live, longtime residents have expressed concern over the growth of residential homes.

The city is part of the Ventura County area, which has a low cost of living. Its median home value is $526,800, which is slightly lower than the national average. Moorpark's median rent is $1,000+ per month including utilities. Rents for two bedrooms are also common. Moorpark, California house prices are around $1,000+/month. Once you consider the cost of living, this is an affordable place to live.