Mount Hermon, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

A quick glance at the city's demographics shows that it is primarily white, with a total population of 850 people. Of those, 362 are white (Hispanic), while 47 people are Two+ and not Hispanic. The population of Mount Hermon is also relatively young, with a median age of 45.1 years for males and 48.8 years for females.

While Mount Hermon has a low crime rate, it is not necessarily safe. For example, crime rates are high in the city's southeast area, while they are low in the central area. Comparing crime rates between areas is not as easy as it sounds, but these maps give a rough idea of the level of crime in Mount Hermon. Overall, Mount Hermon has an average crime rate of 8 crimes per 100,000 residents, which is slightly higher than the national average.

Another unique feature of Mount Hermon is the Be Ussishkin Museum, which tells the history of the Hula Valley, Hermon City, and the city. The museum is open to the public during summer and allows visitors to learn more about the area. Residents of Mount Hermon often go on hiking, mountain biking, and skiing excursions. In addition to the historic sites, there is also a modern park with tennis courts, golf courses, and a skating rink.

The population of Mount Hermon City, California, is approximately four thousand eight hundred. The city was established in 1830, when the Towns of De Kalb and Edwards joined to form the Town of Depeau. In 1834, the town changed its name to Hermon in honor of Francis Depeau. The name Hermon came into use because of a former location, but a small portion of the southeast corner was later given to the Town of Edwards. The population of Mount Hermon has grown by 6.8% since the year 2020.