Oakdale, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The Population & Steets in Oakdal City, California are provided for your reference. You can use these stats to learn more about the city's population and the various neighborhoods in it. The Oakdale Neighborhood Plan area is located in the city's Traditional Neighborhood Form District. The neighborhood is predominantly residential with streets designed to support pedestrian traffic and alleyways running between them. Residents have ample on-street parking, and access to two parks. Nearby Taylor Boulevard and Berry Boulevard are busier, but they fit within the existing land use pattern.

The walkability of Oakdale's neighborhoods is an area of concern for many residents. As a result, recommendations are made to improve walking and biking conditions within the area. Specific sites for improvements are identified in the plan area, including Semple Elementary School and Wyandotte Park. Other recommendations include improved intersections and complete sidewalks within the neighborhood. In addition, the City Center neighborhood has a higher proportion of carpoolers than 95.0% of all neighborhoods in the United States.

The vacancy rate in Oakdale is 5.7%, which is low when compared to 65.1% for other neighborhoods in the United States. A higher vacancy rate in Oakdale may signal an increase in home values and new construction. Residents of the Oakdale City Center area should expect a strong economy. There are many opportunities in Oakdale for business owners and residents. You can also enjoy the low crime rate in Oakdale.