Oakley, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The following article provides the Population & Steets of Oakley City, California. Oakley, California is approximately half the size of California. Its population is comprised mostly of foreign-born residents. Oakley is ranked number three in California, and the largest percentage of foreign-born residents is from Africa. The remaining population comes from Oceania, Latin America, Asia, and Europe.

Oakley is a relatively safe city. In fact, it was ranked 126th in terms of safety, out of 952 cities studied. While serious financial hardship is rare, it is still present. The city's poverty rate is 6.30%, compared to 14.1% nationally. The total population of this city is only 10.3% below the federal poverty line. In addition to its low crime rate, Oakley has a thriving business community. Its library serves a variety of community needs.

The city's name is of Old English origin. The word "oak" means "meadow of oak trees." The town was almost named Dewey. One of its original founders, Randolph Marsh, wanted to name it after Admiral Dewey, after the admiral's exploits in the Manila Bay. But the name Oakley was preferred by J.T. Whightman, who thought the name was more evocative.

The median age of the residents of Oakley is 35.4. The city's largest neighbor, Knightsen, has an overall median age of 54.8. Oakley is slightly smaller than Knightsen, with the largest population of married couples living in Knightsen CDP. Compared to other cities, Oakley has a lower percentage of single people than Byron. The median age of men is 35.