Oceano, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Are you interested in knowing the Population & Steets in Oceani City? Do you want to learn more about the city's economic situation? Here is some data about this California city. According to the US CENSUS BUREAU, Oceano's median household income is $49721. For more information on the city's economic outlook, view the poverty and income statistics. These statistics are not the most up-to-date and may not reflect the current state of the city.

The population of Oceano is spread across many different age groups. There are roughly 1,216 rented homes in the city. In 2005, 6 households were evicted, including those who didn't pay rent. This is a relatively high percentage, and may reflect a deteriorating economy. In fact, the city's rent burden was higher than the state average of 33.7% in 2005. The city's rent burden is also higher than neighboring cities. San Luis Obispo and Poplar-Cotton Center both have lower rent burdens than Oceano, California.

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