Ocotillo, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The 2010 census revealed that the population of Ocotillo City is only 266 people. As of that date, there are 0% of the population with a college degree. Ocotillo ranks at the bottom of the national list for college education, with only 0.00% of the population over 25 having a college degree. However, there is reason for optimism. The city's low unemployment rate enables it to thrive, despite a lack of employment opportunities.

The City's housing stock consists of 23,620 dwelling units, with a 63.5% owner-occupied unit. The remaining housing stock is comprised of multi-family complexes with 2-4 units and five-unit properties. While the average housing value in the City is $279,500, the median rent is $1,193. Seventy-three percent of renters and homeowners earn less than 30% of the median income, and 1,663 of these units are overcrowded, meaning there is more than one person per room.