Oroville, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

When it comes to the population of Oroville City, California, it is important to know the stats that matter most. You will find this information in Wikivoyage's Oroville travel guide. For example, you can see the total number of evictions in the city in the past year, as well as the amount of rent that was collected. If you're wondering how many people were evicted in Oroville last year, there are several reasons why you should care.

Another way to get a good idea of the population of Oroville City is to compare it with other nearby cities. Usually, big cities have larger airports, and this makes it easier to book flights between them and Oroville, CA. Otherwise, you can choose to search for flights to cities that are at least 4 hours away, and find cheap airfares that go to these cities. And if you still want to explore the local area, these cities will be convenient.

Oroville City is located in Butte County, California. The city is in the Sierra Nevada foothills and is the county seat for Berry Creek Rancheria of Maidu Indians. The city was originally called Ophir City, after a gold-mining town named Ophir. It later became a thriving semitropical fruit shipping hub and is now home to one of the largest olive-canning plants in the country.