Pasadena, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The Pasadena city population is diverse and mostly Hispanic. The second-largest ethnic group is White, while the black and Asian population make up the remaining portion of the population. Pasadena is a great place to live if you enjoy a small town atmosphere. This article explores the differences between the two communities. The map below shows Pasadena's population.

According to census data, the city has 52,924 residents, or roughly a third of the total population. The remaining third - 3,833 residents - commute by walking and using public transportation. The data on Pasadena is taken from the 2019 American Community Survey. This report does not claim to be complete or accurate, and it is provided only for informational purposes. In addition to demographic information, the report also includes a description of each individual's commuting habits.

Among the most notable demographics for Pasadena City are its population and household size. The city's average household size was 133,629 residents, while the percentage of homes that were owned by owners was 2.3%. The percentage of people who were institutionalized was one in ten. The city was also a major agricultural center, with an estimated one in five households. A lot of its growth is attributed to its diverse environment.

Pasadena is a city located in southern California. It is the most populous city in Los Angeles County. It is also home to the Pacific Asia Museum, Norton Simon Museum of Art, Pasadena Playhouse, and San Gabriel Mission. Its population has more than 134,600 residents. This makes Pasadena an excellent place to live and work. The city is the 8th largest in California.