Ramona, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The 2000 census revealed the following population and steets statistics for Ramona City, California. The median age for all residents was 37.1, with a median age of 35 for native-born residents and 47 for foreign-born residents. According to the census, there were 12,399 people in Ramona City, CA, who were either single or headed a family. The most common countries of birth for foreign-born residents included the Philippines, China, and Mexico.

The Ramona city's employment demographics show that most people in the city commute to work by car, bike, or motorcycle. About 32% of college graduates in the city earn a master's degree or higher. The city's residents work in several different industries, including construction, health care, and retail trade. Other residents work elsewhere. According to census data, there are three types of employment: 16% of people working in the service industry, 36% in blue-collar jobs, and 48% in white-collar jobs.

The name of the city was inspired by the ancient Roman goddess Pomona. The city was named for her before anyone planted fruit trees. The first residents were settlers named Ricardo Vejar and Ygnacio Palomares, who lived in the area in the 1830s. The city's population increased when the Spanish colonists began colonizing California. However, the population grew quickly after the Spanish conquistadors pushed their settlement southward.