Rancho Cordova, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The Census Bureau estimates the population of Rancho Cordova to be 64,776 people. This makes it a highly diverse city, with White people accounting for 39.4% of the population, African Americans accounting for 8.5%, and Native Americans making up the remaining 1.7%. Of the people living below the Rancho Cordova poverty line, the largest ethnic group is White, followed by Hispanics and Blacks. Other races, including Asian and Pacific Islander, were the next most common group. There were a total of 5,517 people of other races, or those of two or more races.

The community began as Mayhew's Crossing and Hangtown Crossing. It was originally called "Cordova Village" and "Mayhew Station." The name Rancho Cordova comes from the Cordova Vineyard, which was part of the Rancho Rio de los Americanos land grant. The post office was opened in 1955. However, the city had been known as Mayhew's Crossing before.

The Rancho Cordova Police Department employs hand-picked officers and uses four-pronged policing methods to combat crime. They focus on crime prevention, problem-oriented policing, and intelligence-led policing. Fire and EMS services are provided by the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District. The U.S. Census Bureau publishes annual U.S. Gazetteer Files.

The average commute time in Rancho Cordova City is 25 minutes. This is a much shorter commute than the average US worker. This can help improve overall happiness and allow for more time with family and friends. As for the average commute time to work, Rancho Cordova City has a population of 69,482.