Ridgecrest, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The City of Ridgecrest is located in southern California, near the border of the San Bernardino Mountains. It is approximately 82 miles south of Lancaster, 132 miles east of Palmdale, and 110 miles west of Bakersfield. There are no commercial flights in or out of Ridgecrest, and the city has no airport. It is part of the 23rd Congressional District. In addition, the City of Ridgecrest is home to the Naval Air Weapons Station.

This chart shows the percentage of households in Ridgecrest, CA that use various means of transportation. The y-axis is set at a logarithmic scale to better show variations among smaller means of transportation. For example, in the chart below, you can see that there are 2 cars per household in Ridgecrest, CA. While that is much smaller than the national average, it does not mean that people in Ridgecrest don't own a car, since they do not drive as much.

The City of Ridgecrest is located in Kern County, California. The population is approximately 28,105, making it the 1,387th largest city in the US. The City's population peaked at 28,341 in the year 1990, making it the 982nd-largest city in the US. The median household income is $69,574, and most residents own their own homes. A little more than a third of the homes in Ridgecrest are renters.