Ripon, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Ripon City is a small city in Wisconsin, adjacent to the Town of the same name. As of the 2010 census, Ripon had a population of 7,733. The city is home to the Little White Schoolhouse, which is famous for its association with the Republican Party. Ripon was named after the cathedral city of Ripon in North Yorkshire, England. The city was founded by John S. Horner, who named most of the city's streets.

The population of the city grew to over 6,000 people in 1890. At the time, there was no town hall in Ripon, but there were a few churches. The first one was at the intersection of Main and Acacia Streets, and it was built in 1878. Eventually, Methodists and Catholics founded churches in Ripon, and Baptists established circuit ministers. Ripon's first school was opened in 1862.

Ripon's poverty rate is relatively low, and is 10.0%. This figure is comparatively higher than other cities in Wisconsin. The poverty rate in Ripon is 2.10% for full-time workers and 8.46% for part-time residents. Non-citizens are included in the total population, including legal residents, temporary workers, and humanitarian migrants. It is not clear whether Ripon is a low-income community, but its poverty rate is much higher than the state average.

The demographics of Ripon are generally similar to that of many other U.S. cities. Almost half of the population in Ripon is white and only 9.2% is Black. A further five percent of residents in Ripon is Hispanic or Latino. About one-third of Ripon's population has never married. The city's population has a high percentage of veterans. In fact, Ripon has a much higher percentage of veterans than other U.S. cities.