Rocklin, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The median age of residents in Rocklin City, CA is 37 years. Approximately 37 percent of residents are native-born, but nearly 9% are foreign-born. In fact, the median age in Rocklin is older than the state average. The most common foreign-born birthplace is Mexico, with the Philippines and China not far behind. However, while Rocklin is home to some of the nation's youngest residents, the median age among all residents is higher than that of other communities in California.

For those looking for a new home, Rocklin City is an excellent place to invest in. It boasts thirty parks, including a dog park and a disc golf course. Many locals choose Rocklin for its schools and quality of life. As a result, the real estate market in Rocklin is favorable, with homes typically selling in eleven days. With the city's recent recognition, the surrounding neighborhoods will benefit as well.

The Rocklin Unified School District provides education for children from kindergarten to grade 12. In addition, the city is home to William Jessup University, a private university. Rocklin has a median household income of $98,566 (2015-2019) and a median age of 36.3 years. The majority of residents in Rocklin are white, with 7.2% of households reporting being Asian.

The population of Rocklin City was 56 337 in 2013. This was a large number, since almost half of all households had children. Another 181 people were institutionalized. One-third of the population in Rocklin City were non-families. Moreover, nearly 10% of residents lived in rented housing. In addition, a quarter of the total population was made up of households with just one person.