Seaside, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Population & Steets in Seashore City, California is presented below. It is based on the Census Bureau's 2017 American Community Survey, which tags census data to residential addresses. There are 31898 households in the city, and no one is institutionalized. The most common racial/ethnic group in Seaside is Hispanic, followed by White and Other. The median age of the residents is 32.8.

Seaside is the second-largest city in Monterey County. It was a military town, linked to Fort Ord until the latter closed in 1994. Recently, the town has undergone significant redevelopment. Projects include golf courses, five-star resorts, conference facilities, and new residential and commercial development. Future plans for this city include a mixed-use urban village. The town is home to the California State University at Monterey Bay and the Monterey College of Law.

Traci Collings, a retired teacher, has lived in Seaside for 21 years. She earns $13 an hour cleaning vacation cottages. But she and her husband fell on hard times four years ago and were forced to move to an RV. They kept getting kicked out of parking lots, and finally decided to park their battered RV in a city-owned lot. Until recently, city officials appeared to be turning a blind eye to illegal parking in the downtown area, until neighbors started reporting break-ins, drug abuse, and littering.

The town's economy is mostly comprised of small, family-owned businesses. But Seaside is also home to national retail groups, restaurants, and the Seaside Auto Center, one of the first auto malls in the country. The city's Vision Statement reaffirms its commitment to a safe, family-oriented environment. Aside from its beachfront location, the city's housing stock includes several low-income apartments and depressed housing.