Signal Hill, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

When we first moved to Signal Hill in 1922, we were amazed to learn that it had oil reserves. Union Oil had discovered dry wells in 1918, and the region was soon transformed into oil derrick territory. This area, which is also known as Porcupine Hill, attracted Hollywood stars such as Buster Keaton and Fatty Arbuckle. The city was then incorporated in 1924. The discovery of oil in the area spurred city-building efforts and led to zoning restrictions and a per-barrel oil tax.

In 2019, the median age of residents of Signal Hill was 37.9. Compared to their counterparts, foreign-born residents were slightly older, with a median age of 49. The median age of Signal Hill, CA residents is increasing, with a few exceptions. Foreign-born citizens mainly hail from Mexico, with nearly 840,000 of them living in California. In 2018, the Philippines was the country of birth for the second largest percentage of Signal Hill residents, followed by China with 667,970.

Listed below are the population and steets of Signal Hill, California. You can get additional details about the population by using the city's official website. Signal Hill has a single default name, but has several alternative names. Signal Hill is commonly known as Signal Hill by residents, but it is a larger section of the city with a few distinct "acceptable" names. A few additional details you may be interested in include the city's school name and address.