Solvang, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you're wondering how many people live in Solvang City, you're not alone. The city holds one of the largest populations of any town in the country, at 383,899 people. But if you're interested in knowing how many people live in Solvang, you'll want to upgrade to the full map view. There, you can customize your search parameters to see the population and steets of each area.

There are several fun attractions in Solvang. The Elverhoj Museum of History and Art, for example, is free and has a new exhibit every 90 days. Built by hand in 1949, the building features interconnected beams, and a latch string, instead of a doorknob. There are several other places to eat in Solvang. And don't forget to visit the old-fashioned Solvang Shoe Store, with its huge red clog outside the door.

Another interesting place to visit is the Danish community. This area is home to several Danish bakeries and restaurants. You can see these old buildings throughout the city. Danish people were the first people to settle in Santa Barbara County, and their presence was evident in the city's history. Aside from the town's Danish heritage, it is home to a number of Danish businesses and schools. Several of these businesses still maintain a Danish feel, which is another reason to visit Solvang.

For those who enjoy a drink, Solvang has several cocktail bars and craft beer establishments. High Roller Tiki Lounge, for instance, serves up more than 150 craft beers, and is a popular spot for mead. This is fermented honey based booze. And for serious cocktail lovers, try the Vaquero Bar at Coast Range Hotel. You'll be glad you did.