South Lake Tahoe, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

South Lake Tahoe City, California is the main city in the Lake Tahoe Basin. This small town sits on the southern end of Lake Tahoe and is surrounded by tall, snow-capped peaks and the turquoise water of the lake. The city is home to many resorts and is popular with outdoor adventure seekers. Here are some statistics about the population and steets of South Lake Tahoe City, California.

The city is made up of small towns. In fact, the total area of South Lake Tahoe City is only 43 square miles, with 26 square kilometers of land and 17 square kilometers of water. However, this small city does boast of high-end real estate. Its median property value is $403,600, and the homeownership rate is 41%. Its residents drive alone for work and have an average commute time of 15.5 minutes. Compared to other cities, residents in South Lake Tahoe drive an average of two cars.

The city had a population of 15,087 residents. Of that, 4,400 of those were under the age of 18, 2,478 were between 18 and 24, 6,416 were between 25 and 44, and 5,445 were 65 and older. The median age of the city was 35.6 years, with a male to female ratio of 113.7 to one. The number of renters was 13,350, while the number of households with two cars was 17.