Walnut Grove, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Walnut Grove is a suburban complex in Northern California located at the base of the Sierra Nevada. The most pleasant months to live in Walnut Grove are May, October, and June. The coldest months to live in Walnut Grove are January, February, and March. If you are looking to move to this area, make sure to consider some of the amenities that are available. Here are some of the benefits of living in Walnut Grove:

While the early days of Walnut Grove were largely Asian, Brown sought to attract European American immigrants to the town. As a result, the town was home to two distinct Asian communities, the Chinese community and the Japanese community. The Chinese community suffered a devastating fire in 1937, but was rebuilt immediately. Japanese immigrants were forced to leave the area during World War II and were relocated in this community.

The median age of residents in Walnut Grove City is 40.6. This figure represents the average age for both native-born residents and foreign-born citizens. The median age of residents in Walnut Grove City is higher than the California average of 33.7%. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 31.6% of Walnut Grove's housing units are occupied by renters. The median household income of Walnut Grove is $14,517, which is considerably higher than the state's average of $21,568.

Another important indicator for the health of the Walnut Grove City community is the number of evictions. A high number of evictions may indicate a deteriorating economy. This community has fewer evictions than neighboring communities, such as Alamo and Byron. One eviction per hundred residents is considered a blip in Walnut Grove City's economy.