Weaverville, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

How safe is Weaverville City, Alabama? How many crimes are committed in the city per capita? You'll find out by exploring the map below. There's a violent crime rate for every thousand people in Weaverville. The central part of the city is considered the safest, and there are relatively few crimes in the south. The violent crime rate for the city is 1.97 per 1,000 people per year.

The city is located in far western North Carolina, about thirty miles from the Tennessee border and near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The best time to visit Weaverville is in September or May or June, as these are the warmest months of the year. The worst month to visit Weaverville is January. However, this doesn't mean that the city has no attractions. You can also visit the town's museums and enjoy shopping on Main Street.

If you want to spend a day outside, visit Lake Louise Park and Artisans On Main gallery. These galleries display the work of thirty local artists. The artists showcase their work on large and small scales. Artisans On Main features a wide array of handmade pottery and furniture pieces. Also, you can visit Zebulon Artisan Ales, which features handmade small-batch brews.

Weaverville City is home to 87.0% white residents, 0.2% black, 1.2% Asian, and 5.7% Hispanic. Aside from that, it's also home to five post offices, three of which were in operation when the census was conducted. Weaverville's first post office opened in 1860, and has three since then. The city's demographics are a good indicator for local advertising.