West Hills, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

A look at the population of West Hills City shows a relatively low population density and a median age of 39. The city is also fairly diverse racial-wise, with a high percentage of white residents. The city's population breakdown is whites 70.9%, Hispanics 11.3%, Asians 4.3%, and others 2.5%. At the 2000 census, West Hills had a population of 5,285, with a slight increase of 0.2% since the census was taken.

For those looking to travel and explore, West Hills has two airports within a twenty-one-mile radius. You can choose to display only airports in major cities, or search for nearby smaller cities, towns, and neighborhoods. In addition, you can set your desired home/rent price range by adjusting the importance of each category. Then, you can narrow your search by choosing the best neighborhoods in West Hills.

The West Hills ZIP code is located in Los Angeles. The USPS uses a default name for cities. However, you'll find that ZIP Codes also have alternative names for sections or large neighborhoods. Be sure to check for the names of schools in your neighborhood before choosing a zip code. These schools are likely to offer sports fields, playgrounds, community rooms, and other amenities. Regardless of the name, West Hills has the highest percentage of neighborhood parks in Los Angeles.

There is a significant ethnic diversity in West Hills. The city's population is comprised of people of Hispanic and Caucasian descent. The census also counts people of any race. Despite these differences, the city has a moderately diverse population. The majority of residents were white, although there were also some Hispanic and Asian residents living within the city. Only a few percent of West Hills residents were considered to be Hispanic.