Westminster, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you've ever wondered what the population of Westminster City looks like, you're not alone. There's a large amount of information available about this U.S. city, which is located in the northwest region of Denver. The most recent census shows a population of 106,114, and the city is expected to grow to 115,046 by 2020. The city was incorporated in 1965.

The population of Westminster was only about 225 in 1874. The city's thriving economy led the city to establish a chamber of commerce and a Plaza Association, which developed Sigler Park. Now, the park is the city's signature landmark, and local residents enjoy the park as a recreation destination. There are also many cultural activities for residents to participate in. Population and Steets in Westminster City

The city also experienced rapid growth after World War II. Veterans from all over the country flocked to the area in large numbers after the war. They were enamored with the climate and scenery of the state and wanted to settle here. Developers began to build homes and apartments, and by the 1950s, there were few vacant lots in the city. The city was able to accommodate this increased population by redeveloping older buildings and creating new ones.

The present City of Westminster was formed from five hamlets. In 1764, the original Westminster spanned from Manchester Road to Court Street. New London was added to the original Westminster in 1775, and included King's Street from Court Street to Longwell Avenue. The borough's name changed to Westminster in 1788. In 1788, Green Street was added to the city, and in 1812, Bedford ran from Longwell Avenue to John Street.