Woodacre, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The recent population trends for Woodacre, CA show that the city has decreased by a significant amount over the last five years. This could be due to a number of factors, from one critical event to long-term demographic patterns. The low birth rate may be a major contributing factor to the decline in the city's population, as can the impact of economic changes. But, there are many other factors to consider before making a move.

Woodacre - San Geronimo is an ethnically diverse city. The majority of residents identify as White or Asian, but other racial groups are also represented. Residents report German, English, and Italian ancestry. The town is home to a local fire department. Listed below are the 2010 population and steets data for Woodacre City. This data is updated regularly.

The median household income in Woodacre City is $62,917. This is below the national average of 33.7%. However, it is much lower in neighboring cities, including Moss Beach and Broadmoor. The majority of households in Woodacre are renters. In Woodacre, 23.6% of residents live below the median income. Also, the city is less expensive than other nearby cities, with only 20.8% of households living below the poverty line.

In addition to living in Woodacre, CA, residents also have different types of employment. The most common means of transportation are vehicles. A larger percentage of 94973 residents work from home, and the average commute time is just over half an hour. While most commuters make their way to work in less than half an hour, others may spend up to 45 minutes in traffic. Given these potential issues, it's important to plan your commute accordingly.