Woodland, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The city of Woodland, California, is located in the Central Valley of the United States. Its total area is 10.3 square miles (26.7 square kilometers), and it is almost entirely land. Most of the area is relatively flat and is predominantly arable land that is used for farming. This area is known for its tomato and corn harvest. The majority of residents are white. The city's population is comprised of both whites and minorities.

In 2000, the median age of the Woodland, CA population was 36.5. In comparison, the median age of its native-born population was 31. The median household income of residents was $36,268 - significantly higher than the national average. The city's earthquake activity, which is over seven times the national average, was notably higher in Woodland than in its parent and neighboring geographies. In addition, the number of natural disasters was higher than the US average (14), with 17.4 per million residents in Yolo County.

The population of Woodland has a relatively stable demographic, with over 22,000 people living in the city. Of this population, 655 people are under the age of 20, including 334 men and 321 women. The rest of the population consists of people aged twenty-one and older, including both single-family homes and apartments. There are five major hospitals in Woodland, one of which is the Woodland Medical Center, part of Dignity Health.