Cedaredge, Colorado Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

What is the Population & Steets in Cedar edge City? Cedaredge has a population of 2,313 people. However, since the year 2020, the population has declined 11.4%. Its median home price is $297,100 and the median home appreciation over the last 10 years is 8.5%. Listed below are the most recent population and steets figures for Cedaredge, CO.

There are three hotels in Cedaredge, Colorado: the Cedaredge Lodge, Howard Johnsons Express Inn, and Guccini Enterprises. The town has a courtroom: Buffalo Court Inc., which has over 450 employees. The population of Cedaredge City is well above the state average. The median household income is below the state average, and the percentage of Black residents is significantly lower. The community is home to 17 pilots and seven airmen.

The town of Cedaredge, Colorado sits at 6,230 feet above sea level in a valley below the Grand Mesa. This location provides a favorable climate for growing fruit and wine grapes. In fact, several Cedaredge wineries have done so well that their wines are now sold throughout the country. You can find their labels in wine shops, gift stores, and art galleries. Cedaredge is home to numerous artists, including sculptors, painters, and musicians.