Clifton, Colorado Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The city of Clifton, New Jersey, is the eleventh-most populous municipality in New Jersey, with an approximate population of eighty thousand. Its cultural diversity is impressive, with a mix of Hispanic, Asian, Eastern European, and Middle Eastern communities. The town has about seventy languages spoken in its homes, and the spirit of acceptance is evident among residents. Each group maintains their distinct cultural identity and is a valuable part of the fabric of the city.

The demographics of the area are generally similar to Baltimore City. There are fewer people in Clifton-Berea than in Baltimore City, but it is still home to some thriving small businesses. The community has a higher percentage of kindergarten readiness, as well as a greater number of third-graders and eighth-grade students reading proficiently. The area is also less likely to suffer from high rates of school absenteeism, as compared to Baltimore City as a whole.

Residents of Clifton also appreciate the ethnic diversity of the area. Jason Chuon, who recently bought a three-bedroom, expanded Cape Cod, is from Staten Island. He had feared that his family would stand out, especially since they were Asian. However, he is happy to discover that Clifton's ethnic mix is as diverse as the neighborhood itself. Across the street, Main Avenue, a low-rise thoroughfare, features Peruvian restaurants, hookah stores, Turkish markets, and even a pierogi maker.