La Jara, Colorado Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

In La Jara, CO, the most common racial groups are White, Hispanic, and Other. This indicates that there are a large number of people living below the poverty line in La Jara. There are 363 people employed in La Jara, CO. Health Care & Social Assistance, Transportation & Warehousing, and Public Administration are the top three industries in La Jara. These three industries pay the highest wages in La Jara.

The average commute time in La Jara is 21.6 minutes. The median home price in La Jara is $143,300, and home appreciation in the last decade was 8.3%. La Jara is a relatively small city, so it is best to check out the demographics of the area before investing. Here are some key statistics to help you make the right choice:

The number of renter-occupied housing units in La Jara City is 61%, which is about the middle of the local area. The highest percentage of households is in the Capulin CDP, which is only 7.9% larger than La Jara. Overall, evictions in La Jara City are not a sign of a deteriorating economy, but it is a good indicator of the quality of life in the area.

The median property value in La Jara, CO was $113,500 in 2019. This was 0.472 times smaller than the national average. The homeownership rate was 62.7%, while the number of renters was 7.7% higher. In La Jara, CO, a majority of the population (82%) commuted alone to work. The median car ownership rate was two cars per household.