Redvale, Colorado Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you are looking for information about Redvale, Colorado, you've come to the right place. Below we have provided the Population & Steets of Redvale. You'll find this information useful in understanding the city's history, current population, and demographics. You can also learn about the local economy in Redvale by reviewing the area's income data. Listed below is a list of Redvale's top employers.

The percentage of people who identify themselves as white is higher than for people from other races. One in four Redvale residents are black. However, there are a few minority groups present as well. Only 0.2% of residents identify as Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander. Hispanics make up 17.8% of the population. Other races are represented by 2.6%. In addition to race and ethnicity, census respondents are asked about their ancestry. German, English, Polish, and Irish are the most common ancestry groups.

The median property value in Redvale, CO is $161,300, which is 0.671 times smaller than the national average. Nearly 80% of Redvale's residents are homeowners. The homeownership rate is higher than the national average. Redvale, CO is home to 143 people. Approximately 89.6% of the population is employed in the construction industry, while only 16.8% are employed in real estate and rental and leasing.