Victor, Colorado Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The median property value in Victor, ID was $268,800 in 2019, which is nearly 1.12 times the national average. Homeownership rate is 68.2%, which is above the national average of 64.1%. Victor residents have a median commute time of 34.5 minutes and drive alone to work on average. The median home value is also equal to the national average, with two cars per household. For other information on the city, check out the Victor, ID demographics page.

Victoria had a population of 1,986 residents in 1860. It was an important junction between ports along the Lavaca Bay and Austin, as well as northern Mexico. Germans were a substantial portion of the community in the early years, and the city became home to a variety of immigrants and ethnicities. After the 1910s, economic and social forces combined to make Victoria a boom town. This time period was the most critical for the city's growth.

The median household income in Victor is $65,652. The city's unemployment rate is 3.0%, with 7.9% of residents aged 16 and older unemployed. Victor's income per capita is $65,652, and 7.9% are employed by the government. The median home value per square foot is $32,600. There are also a few housing units for rent in Victor, ID. Almost half of the households in Victor, ID are owner-occupied, while thirty-one percent are renters.